Retreat to Carmelo for peace and quiet, and total relaxation

Andrea from Bueme’s favourite place in Uruguay is Carmelo.

“The peace and quiet that you find in Carmelo is priceless. Surrounded by vineyards, countryside, and nature, the only sound you hear is birds singing. All of the accommodation options are boutique and with personalized service, and by being small, you feel that the entire property is just for you. Gourmet food paired with some of the country’s best wines are the perfect add-on. If you are feeling active, you can go horse riding or have buy propecia online no prescription your own cheese and olive oil tasting while enjoying some of the country’s best sunsets. A great time to visit is around February, as it’s harvesting season and you can also collect your own grapes. However, Carmelo is a destination that can be visited throughout the year. It is the ideal way place to visit to relax and recharge at the end of a trip to South America.”

For more information on Carmelo and Uruguay please contact Andrea at Viajes Bueme’s:  acambon@buemes.com.uy.

Visit Uruguay for the longest carnival in the world

Entertainment at Uruguay’s annual carnival

Smaller and less well-known internationally than the festivities of their larger neighbour Brazil, the celebrations in Uruguay have the accolade of being the world’s longest carnival. Starting in January, the festivities last for 40 days and celebrate the diverse cultures of Uruguay.

In Montevideo, the Inaugural Parade takes place on 18 de Julio Avenue. This parade introduces the Queens of Carnival and features a large procession of floats, giant figures, and dancers accompanied by local music. Another popular parade, every February, is Desfile de Llamadas in the neighbourhoods of Barrio Sur and Palermo which celebrates candombe – an energetic rhythm and dance form with African roots performed by large groups of drummers. This exhilarating tradition of the Afro-River Plate community was declared part of the world’s ‘Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity’ by UNESCO in 2009. 

Satirical musical theatre ensembles known as Murgas are also a major feature of Uruguay’s unique carnival – In a tradition originating from Cadiz (Spain) and introduced by immigrants, these groups compete on local stages throughout the carnival. Themes are often contemporary and political.

Useful dates for 2020:

Carnival Inaugural Parade: January 23

Las Llamadas Parade: February 07 & 08 (*Friday and Saturday NOT the traditional Thursday and Friday)

For more information on Uruguay’s Carnival Season please contact Andrea at Viajes Bueme’s :  acambon@buemes.com.uy.

Excellent wine, gourmet food and beautiful sceneries in Uruguay

In May, along with five others, I was lucky enough to be invited by the Uruguay Ministry of Tourism and Air Europa to spend a week sampling the delights of Uruguay for the first time. Known for its sweeping, golden sandy beaches, Uruguay is often seen as a seasonal beach destination – And while this is justified with a large range of coastal places to stay to suit all tastes, there is a lot more to this (relatively) small Latin American country.

The white-washed Gaudi-esque Casa Pueblo dominating the coastline at Punta Ballena and the idiosyncrasy of the self-built dwellings – although now somewhat curtailed – alongside the sealion colony at Cabo Polonio are unexpected, as is the feeling of exhilaration when standing off-season amongst the shifting sand dunes at Punta del Diablo close to the Brazil border. Inland a surprising number of wineries offer sophisticated wine-tastings, also highlighting other excellent local produce and working estancias offer a friendly and comfortable experience of rural Uruguay.

The arts are also important – the visibility of contemporary artists such as Pablo tramadol online best place to buy from Atchugarry and a lively diverse music scene runs alongside pride in their national history and traditions, that culminates in what is thought to be the world’s longest annual carnival in the 40 days leading up to Lent.

It soon becomes apparent there is a good choice of accommodation on offer ranging from comfortable standard hotels, via quirky and characterful guesthouses to high-end luxury; and the quality of food and wine is excellent – particularly if you are a fan of red meat and full-bodied red wines, or seafood. There is definitely no need to rough-it exploring Uruguay.

It also feels safe and family-friendly. Outside rush hour in the cities the roads are easily navigable and distances are relatively short, opening up the possibility for either staying in one place and exploring, or making a self-drive holiday.

Uruguay is still relatively unknown as a holiday destination in the U.K. but for people looking for an enjoyable, authentic, and off-the-beaten-track Latin American experience it has a lot to offer.

For more information contact Jude: jude@americas.co.uk

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