Seven great things about Costa Rica.

Below you can read seven key points about Costa Rica that have been selected by our partner Camino Travel, to offer their unique perspective on magnificent Costa Rica.

1. First class hospitality
Costa Rica is a family friendly country and particularly welcoming to children. On arrival it is easy for any traveller to immediately notice how hospitable the Costa Rican people can be. They make a huge effort to go out of their way to make visitors feel comfortable during their stay.

2. Success story
Abolishing the army and strengthening many civil rights, gave Costa Rica the chance to offer a better lifestyle, relatively high education levels and a solid security system as well.

3. Preserving nature
Costa Rica is one of the most biodiverse places on earth and retains 5% of the biodiversity of the planet in one country, which is 0.03% of the land in the world. Protected National Parks in Costa Rica make up 25% of the country. Costa Rica has unique eco-systems and gives visitors the chance to admire a portion of this plentiful natural world.

4. The natural world
Costa Rica is fantastic for nature lovers with over 615 wildlife species per 10,000 sq km. Its geographical location in the tropics forms a bridge between two continental masses. The mountainous system, with several diverse microclimates, offers so many shapes of life. Many visitors seek to observe some popular mammals in their natural environment. You may get the opportunity to stop by the road to help a sloth to get to the other side of the road, or experience a monkey waking you up early in the morning jumping on the tree buy alprazolam united states next to your room. It’s the perfect place for people that are looking for natural beauty and would like a holiday where they can be immersed in the natural world.

5. The importance of sustainability
Everyone is included in sustainability in Costa Rica, from the elementary schools to the highest positions in business and politics. Sustainability is already part of our education and culture. We believe that it is our task to create awareness of how important it is, remembering that sustainability is about our children and our grandchildren, and the conditions of the world they will inherit.

6. “Pura Vida”
The expression “Pura Vida” meaning “Pure Life”, is the main way to express or to show the devotion of a modest nation, it can be used to ask “How are you?” and is equivalent to “very well” too, but for the inhabitants of Costa Rica there is a deeper interpretation, the simplicity of good living. The attachment to simplicity, exuberance, freedom, welfare, affection, and positivity associated with the art of appreciating the simple and natural way of life, the art of living.

7. The illusion of time
Have you ever felt that time flies when you are having fun? How often do you check the clocks time when you are receiving a class that you consider boring? When you visit Costa Rica, you will have an uncountable amount of opportunities to put this into practice, an unforgettable experience that will eventually push you to be alert, to make every second of your life high-quality time.

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