Nosara – A place to relax the mind, body and spirit

Sunset Yoga in Nosara

The relaxing sound of waves crashing on the beach, the soothing sights of a myriad of tones of green, and the mesmerizing tropical environment are an elemental part of the underlying beauty of Nosara – a community dedicated to yoga, meditation and just plain good living, in one of the few “blue zones” in the world.

Yoga Lessons in Nosara

Nosara is not the easiest place to get to, but that only seems to add to the magic for those who are looking for the perfect wave, heightened self-awareness or just some rest and time to switch off from the constant phone buzzes or masses of emails we all know too well.

Those who come to Nosara to practice the art and science of yoga will find that there is no shortage of options for both the novice and more experienced. A leisurely stroll through town offers healing centers, open-air studios – tucked among the lush vegetation of Costa Rica’s tropical forest or overlooking the Pacific Ocean – yoga retreats, meditation retreats, teaching training courses, workshops, spas. And, of course, a world-renowned Yoga Institute.

Yoga poses

Whether you are interested in the quick and powerful moves of Ashtanga yoga or the slower and more intense movements of Hatha yoga, we are sure that you will find that the white sand beaches, intense turquoise waters, lush tropical forests, and exuberant flora and fauna simply serve as a catalyst to connect with your inner self and find that soothing state of awareness many are looking for.

Marcela Valverde from Camino Travel is an experienced yoga teacher and knows the best places for yoga, zen and relaxation in Nosara and the rest of Costa Rica.

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Nosara Sunset
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