***NEWS*** Americas welcomes Camino Travel

We are excited to reveal Camino Travel as our new partner in Costa Rica.

Established in 1991, Camino Travel is at the forefront of travel business in Costa Rica. Proud to be an independently-run company with strong business ethics, they offer innovative, culturally sensitive services throughout the country.

Working under the motto ‘We sell what we know’, Camino Travel showcases the best of Costa Rica, with an emphasis on sustainable tourism – awarded the highest level (Level 5) Certification for Sustainable Tourism by the Costa buy xanax pfizer Rica Tourism Board. Quality and innovation are at the heart of everything they do.

Camino’s knowledgeable team offers expertly designed and personalised experiences for both groups and FIT customers. Their guides are carefully chosen for their experience and passion; many specialising in bird-watching, nature, adventure and/or sports.

Helena Chavarria (director and founder) and Erika Kristaly (Marketing Manager) are looking forward to introducing to UK clients the legendary ‘Camino touch’ to travel in Costa Rica.

Welcome to the Americas Partnership!

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