Mirjam from Crillon Tours shares her favorite places to visit in Bolivia

When asked about my favorite places in Bolivia, it was hard to narrow it down, since when travelling through this country, I had found something special and unforgettable in every corner, making each place special and worth visiting.

Nevertheless, I do feel that the calmest and relaxed place I have ever been, is definitely “Sun Island” not only does this island come with a fantastic legend and is the most important island on the Bolivian side of Lake Titicaca, but its problem-free lives of its inhabitants rubs off on one. Walking through its small bucolic villages, seeing herds of llamas and small farm animals, such as pigs and chickens, one knows that you are in a special place, away from streets, noises, pollution, and hoards of people. The experience of staying in the bungalow style Posada del Inca Lodge is magical. Here you can enjoy its beautiful garden, spectacular views over the blue lake, and the eucalyptus trees making soothing sounds in the breeze gave me inner peace and the motivation for reflection.

Something similar I have also felt standing in front of the Green Lagoon in the Eduardo Avaroa Nature Reserve, close to the border with Chile. The whole area is just otherworldly, and one gets surprised over and over again by fauna, colors and nature’s humorous creations being displayed by rocks, mountains and flora. But standing in front of that Green Lagoon, the silence, the landscape surrounding it which lets its jade colors stand out even more, had me experienced something that does not happen much today-my mouth dropped open!

Last but not least, I would also always want to return to the Amazon Region of Bolivia. The Madidi National Park and Pampas had me placed in such a completely different scenario from my everyday life, taking me out of my routine being able to share the habitat of unusual exotic plants and numerous animals, allowing me to wake up to the sound of monkeys, letting me swim with pink dolphins, feeling suspense spotting the red caiman eyes during a night river tour, going on an anaconda observation walk, fishing piranhas and so much more..

This was written by Mirjam at Crillon Tours, who are experts in tailoring trips of a lifetime with unique hotel stays along the way. For more information about tours in Bolivia please email Darius Morgan – dariusjr@titicaca.com

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