Lima Tours commitment to responsible and sustainable tourism.

Ana Paula from Lima Tours shares some news on their plans for 2019 and how you can support them.

“We are working harder than ever to ensure responsible tourism practices run through our service chain. Lima Tours are certified again under the NEPCon / Rainforest Alliance standard for meeting all the requirements of sustainable tourism and have a rating of 98.38%. It should be noted that we’ve had this recognition since 2016, something we work hard at and are very proud of.

Furthermore, we have been working on several other initiatives concerning sustainability. We have reinforced our goal to plant 10,000 trees, by 2020, in the Tambopata National Reserve. We want to offset our carbon footprint and the impact that greenhouse gases have on the environment. From the beginning of February 2019, we have become a zero-plastic company and no longer give bottled water to our clients. We now provide all our passengers with an aluminium bottle, allowing them to fill them with water at our refill water points. At the end of 2019 Lima Tours will offer the option to your passengers to pay their CO2 footprint through a personalised calculator, thus helping to pay for the planting of trees in Tambopata, in collaboration with our Green Initiative.

This new certification encourages us to continue promoting respect for the environment, diversity and inclusion, which we consider pillars in all our operations and business practices.”

This fantastic video that shows the magical views of Peru from 2018 -simply breath-taking footage for you all to share and spread the word about Peru travel. 

Lima Tours also have published a fantastic Ultimate Journey’s Sustainable Peru magazine, which you can view here online.

For more information contact Lima Tours or visit their website here.

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