How to avoid single supplements on Galapagos cruises

Andando Tours offer their excellent advice for solo travellers wishing to visit the Galapagos Islands. In many parts of the world travelling alone can be more expensive and visiting the Galapagos Islands is not cheap regardless of how you are travelling. However, there are some great options for solo travellers if they plan in advance.

What is a ‘Single Supplement’ on a Galapagos Cruise?

The single supplement is for travellers that would rather not share their room with someone else. It helps cover the costs to the operator of the ‘empty’ berth.

The single supplement costs can be an issue for customers, that’s if they’re not aware of the supplement costs and allowed for them.

 Is it possible to avoid the Single Supplement if you are travelling to Galapagos Islands?

While it may be difficult to find a Galapagos trip for a solo traveller without any additional single supplement, there are a few ways of exploring the stunning islands whilst traveling alone.

Here are some different options to consider:

• Some of the Galapagos cruises, like Andando Tours SS Mary-Ann, have cabins that do not carry a single supplement. However, these get booked up quickly and it is advisable to book well in advance.

• Travellers can agree to share their cruise cabin with another (unknown) passenger, both passengers then avoid paying the single supplement fee. If lucky, the cruise will not be full, therefore you may end up not having to share a bedroom at all. Please note that this is not a guaranteed private room option and is only for the more flexible traveller, who doesn’t mind sharing with a stranger.

• Solo travellers that want a specific private cabin for only themselves should request this well in advance

• Pay the cruise ship’s single supplement for a double room – this supplement may vary from 25% – 100% depending on which cruise and the time of the year.

Andando Tours offers unique and distinctive Galapagos Cruises.

Choosing the right option for your solo traveller clients can be hard sometimes. Andando Tours are here to help you book tours for your solo travellers, so please get in touch more information.

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