Join ADSMundo for a family cultural immersion experience in Chile

Even though Chile is known as a top nature destination, it also offers many cultural experiences to be shared with your family. ADSMundo can arrange activities such as street art tours in Valparaiso, stargazing in the North and encounters with native communities in different regions, allowing fascinating family experiences in Chile.

Aymara and altiplano cultures in the extreme North of Chile offer the chance to discover cultural sites such as the Pintado Geoglyphs, the Atacama Giant Petroglyphs, the Humberstone ghost town lost in the desert, the Chinchorro Mummies (Oldest in the World), whilst being immersed into the landscapes of altitude lakes and snow-capped volcanoes, and sharing experiences with the Aymara communities in the small villages of the Altiplano.

An immersion experience in Chiloe Island offers contact with beautiful nature and the cultural heritage of Chiloé,  by exploring the unique landscapes of the archipelago, visiting the wooden churches built by the Jesuits (UNESCO Mankind Patrimony), discovering the houses built on stilts, but also by learning the history, mythology and local traditions through their greatest treasure – the people. Families will also be fascinated by the penguins and the variety of marine fauna to be found on the shores of the island.

Immersion in Mapuche World in southern Chile offers the possibility to hike in the Araucaria National Parks, as well as taking part in activities with local Mapuches communities, seen as the “People of the Earth”.  The activities include learning about their cosmovision, encounters with the Machi- Shaman, shared meals and experiences with Mapuche families, fishing, horseback riding and discovering the use of their medicinal herbs.

ADSMundo will be exhibiting at ITB Berlin from 4th-8th March and will be in Hall 23.b, Chilean Stand 210. If you would like to make an appointment please email Americas to arrange.

For more information on a family trip to Chile, please contact Claude Dumontet or Catalina Yanez

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