Why is Buenos Aires such a popular destination for families with children? Firstly, Buenos Aires is cosmopolitan and fun. It has the face and the flavour of Europe, elegant cafés, beautiful architecture and approximately one hundred museums, most of which are child-friendly, but its heart and soul beat to a Latin rhythm, lively and frenetic.Secondly, kids reign in Argentina. They are welcome everywhere (except nightclubs).

Even the most sophisticated restaurants have high chairs and child menus and it is usual to see children in a restaurant at 11 pm having dinner with their parents.There are also multiple activities suitable for all ages.  In and around Buenos Aires there cooking lessons, filete painting, horse riding, bicycle tours, dinosaurs(!) at the Natural Science Museum, space exploration at the  Planetarium, and the Forbidden Not To Touch Science Museum.

You can take a polo lesson, visit a ranch or explore an island in the Tigre Delta by boat.Children can go grape harvesting in Mendoza whilst their parents do a wine tasting, or get up close and personal with whales in Puerto Madryn with a trip on a Yellow Submarine, walk among penguins, explore the Iguazu Falls, go fishing or kayaking in Bariloche, or ride through hills for a swim under a waterfall in Los Potreros ranch in Cordoba.

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