Andrea Cambon

Andrea Cambon

Andrea Cambon started working at 18 years old at the Argentino Hotel in Piriápolis. After a year, she began to work at Cala di Volpe Hotel in Montevideo, where she stayed until she won a scholarship for studying one semester in Heilbronn, Germany and another in Innsbruck, Austria.

After she came back, Andrea finished her degree and started working at Buemes, where she has been for the past 7 years (Andrea has a Bachelor’s degree of Management for Tourism companies).

Andrea began as a travel consultant and has progressed to become Commercial Manager. She loves most the challenges of designing the perfect holiday for each client. Everyone has different tastes and requirements and we find an alternative for all of them!

Her favourite destination is Carmelo, as it is a “wonderful blend of peace, nature, amazing food and wines, as well as great boutique style accommodation”.

Andrea loves to travel in her spare time; always with a good book in hand for the flight.

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