Darius Morgan

Darius Morgan

Darius Morgan Jr. is the second generation of a very successful tourism company.  Darius’s father  is known as  one of the pioneers of Tourism and South America as a destination.
His legacy and inspiration enables Darius  to be as creative as he wants, resulting in high quality services with the backup of a solid company and professionals creating unique experiences for hundreds of visitors.

A professional  Mechanical Engineer Darius gave up a hobby for his true passion – his love of his country.   His years of experience, have proved he has the knowledge not just to promote one country, but one Continent. Charisma and enthusiasm are his main tools, though being able to fix a broken vehicle is helpful!!  

He reveals those authentic hidden corners to make anyone fall in love with his land – Bolivia.   He has introduced many original and successful products such as hydrofoils on Lake Titicaca and Airstream Campers at the Uyuni Salt Desert giving  the chance to experience Bolivia and it’s gems in a truly extraordinary way

A father of two he loves sharing time with his kids.  He enjoys full speed driving and smoking good original shisha whenever he has the time to stop and watch the world around him.
He enjoys travelling to new places, where besides working, he has time to find and enjoy local experiences and food the best way to get to know a place.

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