February 2020

Discover the timeless culture of Bolivia on a family adventure

A family holiday is special and memories from these travels will last forever. Visiting Bolivia offers families the opportunity to discover fascinating history, rich and diverse culture and enjoy some of Latin America’s most diverse and stunning scenery.

The administrative capital of La Paz is the gateway to Bolivia and the highest city in the world, with an elevation of 3,640m above sea level. In La Paz, you can enjoy riding on the world’s largest urban cable car system called Teleferico, while in the air, imagine you’re like a Condor soaring above the city with wings outstretched – the view of all of the city below is fantastic!

Otherworldly scenery on the Uyuni Salt Flats

Another unmissable visit is to see the world’s largest salt flats, which cover an expanse of 10,582 square kilometres. On the Uyuni Salt Flats, the battle of Crait was filmed for Star Wars: The Last Jedi. One of our favorite robots, the C-3PO visited the salt flats – which was incredible!

From Uyuni, you can also enjoy a visit to Chiquini Cave, which is a subaquatic cave formed prior to the formation of the glaciers, caused by volcanic eruptions when the Salt Lake was still filled with water.

Tiwanaku – An endless story (1580BC-1187AD)

Tiwanaku, a Pre-Colombian archaeological site, resides on the shores of Lake Titicaca, and it’s the capital of Bolivia’s lost civilization and regarded as the spiritual birthplace and center of the cosmos. Archaeologists are still revealing secrets of Bolivia’s past, and a guided visit allows you to learn about the indigenous people’s history and why this place is so sacred to them.

The Sacred Lake Titicaca, a cradle of ancient cultures

The magical Sun and Moon Islands and the Urus Iruitus floating Islands can be visited in the comfort of Crillon Tours hydrofoil cruises. At Inca Utama Hotel and Cultural Centre, learn about the Limachi Brothers, who are famous for designing reed boats, you will also be able to see the RA II replica reed boat. The boat was used in 1970, by Thor Heyerdahl, a famous Norwegian adventurer, who successfully sailed from the west coast of Africa to Barbados. Visiting Lake Titicaca offers a place to learn about the local culture, handicrafts, and way of life. If it’s a sunny day, take a walk around the lake and enjoy snapping some photos of South America’s largest freshwater lake.

Crillon Tours are experts in tailoring trips of a lifetime with unique hotel stays along the way. For more information about a tour for families please email them. They will also be exhibiting at ITB Berlin in Hall 23.b/Stand 112 from 4th-8th March. If you are attending please email Americas about making an appointment.

Family cultural experience in Ecuador

Exploring unique cultural experiences, while having fun with all the family is important when planning a family holiday to Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands.

Flexibility is one of Geo Reisen’s mottos. We include in our programs plenty of activities for families with children, and even in the bustling colonial city of Quito, there are activities for all.

In and around Quito, these activities include the Chocolate Museum, where everyone can taste three different types of what is considered high-quality chocolate in the world. A mandatory stop is at an artisanal ice cream store whose “Helado de Paila” ice cream recipe is often passed down from elders to the new generations. Something exciting and traditional for children is to attend a spinning top workshop, where children learn how a top is manufactured and thrown.  Going to the Yaku Museum (“Water” in Quichua viagra online for women language) is an educational and fun activity, where families have many interactive experiences related to the importance of preserving and using water responsibly. The International Cultural and Scientific Museum, located at the exact point through which the equator passes through, is the place where exciting science experiments are done.  Another experience that will leave lifelong positive memories is a cooking class in an ancient hacienda surrounded by one of the highest snowcapped volcanoes of the world – the Cotopaxi Volcano. Families learn the secrets of national cuisine, using traditional, regional utensils and ingredients from many cities in Ecuador.

For more information on these experiences and tours for families, please contact Geo Reisen today to make an inquiry. We are a very personable and friendly Ecuadorian DMC and we look forward to chatting with you.

Join ADSMundo for a family cultural immersion experience in Chile

Even though Chile is known as a top nature destination, it also offers many cultural experiences to be shared with your family. ADSMundo can arrange activities such as street art tours in Valparaiso, stargazing in the North and encounters with native communities in different regions, allowing fascinating family experiences in Chile.

Aymara and altiplano cultures in the extreme North of Chile offer the chance to discover cultural sites such as the Pintado Geoglyphs, the Atacama Giant Petroglyphs, the Humberstone ghost town lost in the desert, the Chinchorro Mummies (Oldest in the World), whilst being immersed into the landscapes of altitude lakes and snow-capped volcanoes, and sharing experiences with the Aymara communities in the small villages of the Altiplano.

An immersion experience in Chiloe Island offers contact with beautiful nature and the cultural heritage of Chiloé,  by exploring the unique landscapes of the archipelago, visiting the wooden churches built by the Jesuits (UNESCO Mankind Patrimony), discovering the houses built on stilts, but also by learning the history, mythology and local traditions through their greatest treasure – the people. Families will also be fascinated by the penguins and the variety of marine fauna to be found on the shores of the island.

Immersion in Mapuche World in southern Chile offers the possibility to hike in the Araucaria National Parks, as well as taking part in activities with local Mapuches communities, seen as the “People of the Earth”.  The activities include learning about their cosmovision, encounters with the Machi- Shaman, shared meals and experiences with Mapuche families, fishing, horseback riding and discovering the use of their medicinal herbs.

ADSMundo will be exhibiting at ITB Berlin from 4th-8th March and will be in Hall 23.b, Chilean Stand 210. If you would like to make an appointment please email Americas to arrange.

For more information on a family trip to Chile, please contact Claude Dumontet or Catalina Yanez

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