March 2019

Americas attends the annual LATA parliamentary reception

Americas at the LATA Parliamentary Reception

Americas was delighted to participate in the annual LATA Parliamentary Reception in March.

With ITB Berlin the week before, it meant that several of our Americas partners were also in the UK: Marcela from Camino Travel, Claude from ADSMundo / Sportstour, and Olaf and Christian from Native Trails – It was lovely to attend this prestigious event together.

The evening of the 12th March was an interesting time to be in the Terrace Pavilion of the House of Commons, as this was the evening of the second ‘meaningful vote’ on the deal the Government has negotiated for exiting the EU. Outside buy viagra online uk paypal parliament there were protesters, TV cameras inside and a general feel that something important was happening; which added to the history of the building made just being there a memorable experience.

Despite the external distractions the LATA Parliamentary Reception was a great success, with interesting speakers, relevant awards, a convivial atmosphere and excellent wine. Congratulations to Danny, Megan, Colin and the LATA committee for another wonderful evening!

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How to avoid single supplements on Galapagos cruises

Andando Tours offer their excellent advice for solo travellers wishing to visit the Galapagos Islands. In many parts of the world travelling alone can be more expensive and visiting the Galapagos Islands is not cheap regardless of how you are travelling. However, there are some great options for solo travellers if they plan in advance.

What is a ‘Single Supplement’ on a Galapagos Cruise?

The single supplement is for travellers that would rather not share their room with someone else. It helps cover the costs to the operator of the ‘empty’ berth.

The single supplement costs can be an issue for customers, that’s if they’re not aware of the supplement costs and allowed for them.

 Is it possible to avoid the Single Supplement if you are travelling to Galapagos Islands?

While it may be difficult to find a Galapagos trip for a solo traveller without any additional single supplement, there are a few ways of exploring the stunning islands whilst traveling alone.

Here are some different options to consider:

• Some of the Galapagos cruises, like Andando Tours SS Mary-Ann, have cabins that do not carry a single supplement. However, these get booked up quickly and it is advisable to book well in advance.

• Travellers can agree to share their cruise cabin with another (unknown) passenger, both passengers then avoid paying the single supplement fee. If lucky, the cruise will not be full, therefore you may end up not having to share a bedroom at all. Please note that this is not a guaranteed private room option and is only for the more flexible traveller, who doesn’t mind sharing with a stranger.

• Solo travellers that want a specific private cabin for only themselves should request this well in advance

• Pay the cruise ship’s single supplement for a double room – this supplement may vary from 25% – 100% depending on which cruise and the time of the year.

Andando Tours offers unique and distinctive Galapagos Cruises.

Choosing the right option for your solo traveller clients can be hard sometimes. Andando Tours are here to help you book tours for your solo travellers, so please get in touch more information.

For more information contact Andando Tours at or visit their website here.

Relax and switch off from the world, on board a Deluxe Airstream Camper on the Uyuni Salt Flats.

Looking for something different and remarkable for your more adventurous clients travelling to Bolivia?

Crillon Tours offer a truly first-class camping experience on the expansive and beautiful Uyuni Salt Flats. It’s a brilliant alternative to the standard hotel experience, and amazing to camp on the wide-open expanse of Bolivia’s salt flats. The camper will be parked right on the salt flats with complete silence and incredible constellations shining brightly at night.

This Camper experience will allow clients to totally switch off from the stresses of being connected to technology and modern life, allowing for total relaxation.

The silver shimmer from the camper on the white salt and the sun glistening off the van is blinding and beautiful at the same time. Re-live those childhood memories of camping but in total luxury and with first-rate hospitality. When travelling across the salt flats a comfortable off road 4×4 vehicle is used, and the photo opportunities are endless.

Each camper comes complete with double or twin beds and a convertible sofa. Relax and enjoy every home comfort from electric blankets and a private bathroom with hot shower to air conditioning/heating and a mini-bar. Delicious home cooked gourmet meals will be prepared by your very own private chef. For a sample itinerary please click here and for enquiries email .

Glamping experience on Easter Island

Sportstour Bespoke Journeys Chile, the luxury brand of ADSMundo, is currently working on a full selection of pop-up ‘Glamping Programmes’ throughout Chile, and is delighted to present you the first release – a special Easter Island Programme for January and February 2020.

Offer your guests a unique experience visiting Easter Island, one of the most mystical places in the world, located at the southernmost point of the Polynesian triangle in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

In February, the people of Easter Island celebrate the main artistic and cultural activity of Rapa Nui; Tapati Festival, which generally begins the first week of February and lasts approximately two weeks.

During the festival a series of ancestral ceremonies are practiced, which recreate heritage activities and keep this important and unique culture alive.

Our glamping is immersed in the natural environment of Easter Island. We offer fully equipped Sibley’s tents for a luxurious stay reviving the style of the camps that were historically used by European aristocratic travellers. (Our tents are 20m², made of 100% cotton canvas and include: a double bed / 2 x single beds, a living area and a private bathroom)

We have designed a ‘5 days/ 4 nights All-Inclusive Easter Island Itinerary’ including full archaeological, cultural and active experiences. Offer your clients Easter Island in a different way!

For more information please contact: Francisca Labra: / Claude Dumontet:

**Coming soon …. Full Glamping experience in the Atacama Desert**

Lima Tours commitment to responsible and sustainable tourism.

Ana Paula from Lima Tours shares some news on their plans for 2019 and how you can support them.

“We are working harder than ever to ensure responsible tourism practices run through our service chain. Lima Tours are certified again under the NEPCon / Rainforest Alliance standard for meeting all the requirements of sustainable tourism and have a rating of 98.38%. It should be noted that we’ve had this recognition since 2016, something we work hard at and are very proud of.

Furthermore, we have been working on several other initiatives concerning sustainability. We have reinforced our goal to plant 10,000 trees, by 2020, in the Tambopata National Reserve. We want to offset our carbon footprint and the impact that greenhouse gases have on the environment. From the beginning of February 2019, we have become a zero-plastic company and no longer give bottled water to our clients. We now provide all our passengers with an aluminium bottle, allowing them to fill them with water at our refill water points. At the end of 2019 Lima Tours will offer the option to your passengers to pay their CO2 footprint through a personalised calculator, thus helping to pay for the planting of trees in Tambopata, in collaboration with our Green Initiative.

This new certification encourages us to continue promoting respect for the environment, diversity and inclusion, which we consider pillars in all our operations and business practices.”

This fantastic video that shows the magical views of Peru from 2018 -simply breath-taking footage for you all to share and spread the word about Peru travel. 

Lima Tours also have published a fantastic Ultimate Journey’s Sustainable Peru magazine, which you can view here online.

For more information contact Lima Tours or visit their website here.

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