Local and sustainable tourism with ADSMundo

ADSMundo Chile has been developing new experiences geared towards cultural experiences and sustainable tourism with local communities, which seek the right balance between your guest’s experiences and the respect for the local indigenous communities.

Aymara, Kunza, Rapa Nui and Mapuche communities are the most represented in the Chilean territory and they all have a strong identity as well as real authentic cultural roots that are interesting to discover.

On a trip with ADSMundo, we can introduce you to one of the best possible cultural immersions into the Mapuche world, as well as the indigenous inhabitants of south-central Chile and southwestern Argentina.

The “People of the Earth” have a rich culture as well as a common social and religious structure oriented towards the belief in the strength of nature and its connection to their people via the role, amongst others, of the Machi (shaman).

Memories, stories, and beliefs, often very local and specific, are a significant part of the Mapuche traditional culture, which we want to discover through three days’ stay in the Bio Bio Region next to Concepción.

Sharing local activities with the Chilean inhabitants and discovering how they keep their lifestyle, traditions, and language alive (Mapudungun), which is now taught in rural schools of Bío-Bío, Araucanía and Los Lagos Regions again, which will certainly be a unique and unforgettable experience.

Please contact Claude Dumontet at ADSmundo for more information.

The hidden treasures of Austral Road in Northern Patagonia

Northern Patagonia

ADSMundo has the pleasure of offering new scheduled departures to Northern Patagonia, Austral road with an 8 days/7 nights programme within this remote area of Chile, the heart of the real Patagonia and part of the Route of Parks of Patagonia.

This scenic itinerary includes Laguna San Rafael Glacier, Queulat National Park, the Marble Chapels on Lake General Carrera as well as the little village of Caleta Tortel built on stilts over one of the Pacific Ocean fjords.
Alternatively request a tailor-made itinerary based on self-drive options within this splendid and remote area of the Chilean Patagonia.

Please contact Claude Dumontet at Adsmundo for more information.

Caleta Tortel
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