Exploring neighbourhoods of colourful Buenos Aires, Argentina

The new gastronomic centre south of San Telmo: architecture, history, curiosities and flavours along the renovated Caseros Boulevard.

Expression of street art in a less explored neighbourhood minutes from Palermo: Coghlan.

Time to appreciate nature in Puerto Madero.

Taking a breath of fresh air in the green tunnels of the towering park trees. San Martin Square.

Discovering the domes of the historic district from the heights of the most beautiful rooftops.

Admire the traditional architecture around the Plaza de Mayo.

Explore the new gourmet market of San Telmo, where the most authentic flavors are combined with the nostalgia of other times.

Reconnect with nature in one of the most flowery gardens in Palermo parks: the Rose Garden.

Enjoy a bike tour along one of the new corridors of the city.

See the urban vegetable gardens that are popping up in different corners of the city, like this one in the heart of Palermo Soho.

Walk nostalgically along the colorful Caminito in La Boca and hear the chords of the Tango vibrate again!

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A magnificent full solar eclipse will be visible in Patagonia this December

Invite your clients to book a once in a lifetime experience to see a total solar eclipse surrounded by complete serenity and clear starlit skies. 

On December 14th, 2020, the eclipse will be visible in Patagonia. On a trip to Southern Argentina, your clients can discover the best of Argentina’s Bariloche Lake District, staying in a luxury art hotel on the coast of Nahuel Huapi Lake, and then experience this astronomical event at a privileged location along the central axis of the eclipse. An exclusive observatory tented camp with full comfort, amenities, delicious gourmet food and premium wines, makes it an excellent place for this experience. The world goes still, almost seems to hold its breath, the light slowly dims, the stars come out… and when the sun finally cheap ambien buy online returns one instinctively rejoices and can understand the mystical power this event has always had on mankind. 

In July 2019 ATP had the opportunity of seeing the previous total solar eclipse from different viewpoints;  some of us from the city rooftops, our guide Erica at a special location in the foothills of the Andes, and Merina on a horse-riding picnic in the Cordoba hills. We all agreed that it was a thrilling experience and would love your clients to share in the excitement this coming December. We still have accommodation available at El Casco Art Hotel for a 3-night program (or more!) and the exclusive Observatory camp for Eclipse day. 

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Experience an Argentine gaucho festival


The 10th of November was the chosen date to celebrate gaucho traditions in Argentina, to pay tribute to the writer and poet José Hernandez, the first author who became well known for stories and poems about gauchos. The poem ‘El Gaucho Martin Fierro’ recounts the experiences and lifestyle of a gaucho who defended the borders defending the borders of his lands.

During the festival, gauchos exhibited their finest horses and wore their wealth in goods made by silversmiths. This was their time to show off their elegance and dexterity on horseback. The first parades took place around the main square of San Antonio de Areco village back in 1939. The traditional Asado (BBQ) was served in the kitchen of the old Guerrico Hall, near the Arellano Square. This was also where the assembled gauchos played the guitar and danced.

Today, the festival takes place in the historic cheap xanax united kingdom town centre, and in the heart of the vast Criollo Park, where the bravest gauchos compete during the jineteadas (rodeos), which are as dangerous as they are spectacular! The traditional gaucho festival has become a very popular event in Argentina and a unique sight that is not to be missed. It’s celebrated the weekend of the 10th November, which is an ideal time to see the different generations of gaucho’s parade through the town in all their finery.

Visting San Antonio de Areco during this festival is the best way to see the rural traditions that are still alive today. A visit combines well with a stay on an estancia (ranch), where gauchos still work the land on horseback, and some local towns seem unchanged since the 1880s.

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An Argentine Easter

Easter holiday time in Argentina.

Easter festivities in Argentina are more low-key than in other Latin American countries where the “Semana Santa” or “Holy Week” is a time of solemn celebration.

If your clients are interested in travelling around Easter time to experience the Catholic celebration in Argentina, it’s a great opportunity to do so. For local Argentines Easter is a time to return home, so many Argentines will be visiting family, which means Buenos Aires city is quieter than usual. On the Thursday evening you can enjoy the Misa Criolla event and on Friday night the Via Crucis on May Avenue towards the Metropolitan Cathedral. It is also a great time to join Argentines in their food customs around the celebrations, from the traditional fish-filled empandas to the great asados on Easter Sunday, and taste other Easter delicacies, such as home-made chocolate eggs or sweet Easter bread called rosca de pascua.

However, Easter celebrations tend to differ depending on where in Argentina your clients want to go. In the northern provinces of Salta and Jujuy the celebrations are magical, with a blend between Catholic and native cultures and rituals, infusing traditional Argentine Catholicism with devotion to Pachamama, the Mother Earth, worshipped in the Andes and by ancient communities. Celebrations there are taken into the street with parades, processions and rituals, and street parties. Your clients can experience these in the lovely villages or rural communities, not only here but all over Argentina. A stay at a ranch, for instance, would be another great programme during Easter, attending church service at small local chapel and enjoying the local delicacies prepared for the celebration in a family environment. And why not try Easter egg hunting while horse riding? It’s great fun!

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