The best in Paraguayan gastronomy

Paraguayan gastronomy has its origin in the fusion of the Guarani indigenous culture and the Spanish heritage, combining the Hispanic culinary techniques and the use of native products, such as legumes, corn, and cassava, and others introduced and acclimatized by the Spanish colonizers, such as different vegetables, rice, and beef.

The main ingredient in Paraguayan cuisine is corn, which is used ground, cooked or fermented to prepare different dishes. Some typical dishes of the country are chipa (similar in appearance to bread, but prepared with cassava starch, cheese, milk, eggs, butter and salt), Sopa Paraguaya (a sponge cake with cheese, onion and milk) and chipá guazú, which is very similar to the Sopa Paraguaya but prepared with corn.

One of the most famous products is Terere, considered part of the cultural heritage of Paraguay. This is a typical drink whose main ingredient is yerba mate, a cold tea widely consumed in Paraguay.

Paraguayan cuisine has developed in recent years maintaining the base of traditional cooking but merging the local ingredients with well known international ones – putting it on a level with some of the best in South America.

Tierra Colorada restaurant

The name of this restaurant relates to the characteristics of Paraguayan soil. This place invites guests to experience a unique combination of flavours of Paraguay, with a simple menu, but with a few delicate dishes of contemporary Paraguayan food, where the tradition of Paraguayan cuisine merges with creativity and modern cooking techniques.

Tierra Colorada restaurant entered the list of the 50 best restaurants in Latin America in 2016, becoming the first restaurant in the country to receive this distinction.

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