Delectable Uruguayan cuisine

The parrilla or grilled meats are the most famous food in the Uruguayan diet and when eaten with a glass of Tannat wine, it’s an experience not to be missed.

A traditional parrilla is made up of different cuts of beef, grilled on an iron grill construction made specifically for cooking. This age-old secret to cooking is that it allows the juices in whatever is being grilled to remain in the meat, thus preserving the individual flavours and characteristics.

Uruguayan wines are excellent for pairing with a parrilla dinner. Amongst the many wines available in Uruguay, Tannat often stands out as the wine of choice. Often defined as intense and bold, this variety of grape is originally from the southeast of France and was introduced to Uruguay around the 19th century. Since then it has had much success in Uruguay where it has been produced to worldwide recognition.

The dairy industry has been very developed in Uruguay for a long time and it’s because of this that you can find dairy products of excellent quality. Of the most celebrated dairy products in Uruguay, dulce de leche is often the first mentioned. This sweet, caramel-like spread, adored by children and adults alike is often used in a variety of desserts, making it the most important ingredient for sweets in Uruguay. Visitors who get to try this sensational spread will find its smooth and creamy attributes hard to forget; these are the characteristics that make dulce de leche unique and distinct from other similar spreads elsewhere in the world.

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