Jump into the waterfalls of Tzimoleras, Mexico

Tzimoleras Waterfalls

Following the Río San Vicente in the state of Chiapas downstream to Tzimol – about 13 km from Comitán – you reach a green paradise in almost untouched nature, where the three waterfalls of Tzimoleras invite you on an adventure. The waterfalls are not designed for mass tourism and should remain so. On arrival, you will have an amazing view of the jungle and get the chance to experience Mexico’s countryside in the most tranquil surroundings.

Guided by a local guide and equipped with life jackets, participants follow the river both in and out of the water. Among other things, they jump down the first seven-meter high waterfall into a small natural pool. The water leaves the pool over a 45-metre high ledge and offers a fantastic view into the depths, while the water of the raging Río San Vincente washes around you (Please be aware that there is a guide with you to keep everyone safe).

A path leads to the next level and thus to the third waterfall, which can be admired with a drop of around 60 meters. Please note that this tour is for the more daring and adventurous traveller. For more information and to plan your trip, please contact Native Trails – info@nativetrails.de