Glamping experience on Easter Island

Sportstour Bespoke Journeys Chile, the luxury brand of ADSMundo, is currently working on a full selection of pop-up ‘Glamping Programmes’ throughout Chile, and is delighted to present you the first release – a special Easter Island Programme for January and February 2020.

Offer your guests a unique experience visiting Easter Island, one of the most mystical places in the world, located at the southernmost point of the Polynesian triangle in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

In February, the people of Easter Island celebrate the main artistic and cultural activity of Rapa Nui; Tapati Festival, which generally begins the first week of February and lasts approximately two weeks.

During the festival a series of ancestral ceremonies are practiced, which recreate heritage activities and keep this important and unique culture alive.

Our glamping is immersed in the natural environment of Easter Island. We offer fully equipped Sibley’s tents for a luxurious stay reviving the style of the camps that were historically used by European aristocratic travellers. (Our tents are 20m², made of 100% cotton canvas and include: a double bed / 2 x single beds, a living area and a private bathroom)

We have designed a ‘5 days/ 4 nights All-Inclusive Easter Island Itinerary’ including full archaeological, cultural and active experiences. Offer your clients Easter Island in a different way!

For more information please contact: Francisca Labra: / Claude Dumontet:

**Coming soon …. Full Glamping experience in the Atacama Desert**

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