Experience the Uros Islands with Crillon Tours

In Bolivia, there is a vast indigenous population. One of these groups is ‘The Uros’ on Lake Titicaca, who have been around since 5000 BC and still live by the lake today.

A visit to Lake Titicaca offers travellers the opportunity to meet the indigenous people of the Uros islands and for the community to be introduced to the international travellers.

What makes the Uros people different is that their homes are on the water, protecting themselves from wild animals and other threats. They lived, and still do, on ‘Floating Islands’ that are made of totora reeds. 

Crillon Tours first met the community on the shores of the Desaguadeo River and offer a unique opportunity to meet with the survivors of the Urus Iruitos, consisting of 32 families, who work buy zolpidem sale together and share their culture and traditional handicrafts with visitors.  

The islanders wish to progress, but in a way, that retains their identity, dignity, traditions, lifestyle and their cosmovision – to help with their understanding of the universe.

They have received much recognition, on the 5th July 2007, the government of La Paz officially declared that the Urus people were “Cultural and Intangible Heritage to the Living Human Treasures of the Department of La Paz”.

You can request this unforgettable visit to the ‘Uros Iruitos Floating Islands’ on the Bolivian side of Lake Titicaca. It can be added to any of Crillon Tours’ Lake Titicaca and La Paz programs; or as an extension to a bespoke itinerary with the exclusive ‘Deluxe Hydrofoil Cruise’.

For more information please contact Crillon Tours today on info@titicaca.com.  

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