Experience world-class steak and wine in Buenos Aires

Fogón restaurant Buenos Aires

Discover the Asado tradition, served with a twist, in a memorable evening beyond the usual steakhouse experiences.  Fogón is a closed-door dining experience that explores new ways of serving the famed Argentine Asado (BBQ). While seated at a counter surrounding the grill, guests will see, feel and experience the different techniques of cooking over wood and coals, up close and personal, whilst chatting to the cook and learning what makes the Argentine Asado special.  Argentines prefer their beef to arrive on a plate pretty much as it left the cow, with the sole intervention of direct heat, either al carbon (charcoal) or a la leña buy ambien cod (wood). The Asado is Argentine’s most popular method of consuming beef and is reminiscent of their gaucho past. 

Every Argentine’s Asado is unique but always includes the best cuts of meat available and fire-roasted seasonal vegetables. The chefs at Fogón have designed a tasting menu to combine new grilling techniques with traditional Argentine recipes, which elevates the Asado to new heights.

Commonly accompanying the beef is the chimichurri (spicy sauce), and guests at Fogón will be able to quickly learn to prepare it!

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