Easter celebrations in Brazil

Brazil has one of the largest Catholic populations in the world. Holy Week Semana Santa in Portuguese is observed by many throughout the country with processions and rituals similar to other Catholic countries yet made unique by the Brazilian cultural context and history.

Some well-known Holy Week events in Brazil include:
• Procissão do Fogaréu in Goiás Velho, a torchlight procession where hooded men symbolize Roman soldiers arresting Jesus.
• Passion Plays in Nova Jerusalém and Recife.

Some of the best-loved destinations in Brazil for those who seek to experience traditional Catholic Holy Week are historic cities, where colourful processions take place on cobblestone streets and mass is held in beautiful churches.

Carpets on the streets

One of the most beautiful traditions in Holy Week is the decoration of streets for the Sunday procession. Many cities do this for Corpus Christi, but in Ouro Preto, for example, people create colourful carpets with wood shavings, flour, coffee, flowers, and other elements the night before Easter Sunday for the procession.

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