Americas Virtual Workshop

We are pleased to announce that we are planning our first Americas Virtual Workshop. This online three-day workshop offers our partners and UK companies selling or planning to sell trips to Latin America the opportunity to meet via a pre-arranged virtual meeting.

The workshop will be organised using Zoom and Americas will co-ordinate one-to-one meetings for you with our Americas DMC partners, who are all well-established and high-quality DMCs. Those participating are:  

  • Argentina Travel Partners
  • ADSMundo/Sportstour (Chile)
  • Bueme’s (Uruguay)
  • BE Brazil
  • Camino Travel (Costa Rica)
  • Colombian Journeys
  • Crillon Tours (Bolivia)
  • Geo Reisen (Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands)
  • Native Trails (Mexico)
  • Panama Journeys.

We plan to hold the workshop on Tuesday 29th, Wednesday 30th, and Thursday 31st July 2020. We will be watching how things unfold with the current pandemic, and if needs be, we will reschedule the dates.

Please look out for our updates on email and on our Americas Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter.

If you have any questions about our Americas Virtual Workshop, please contact Jude Berry at

  • Contact info:
    • Americas, Radius House 51 Clarendon Road Watford Herts WD17 1HP
    • +44 (0) 20 7223 4330
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