A taste of Brazilian culinary heritage

For those “foodies” who relate travelling to the flavours of the local gastronomy, BE Brazil invite you to a Brazilian cooking lesson at a local´s home, starting at a local street market where your chef will show you how to choose the best and freshest ingredients for the recipes to be cooked. Participants should be prepared to taste lots of tropical fruits, Brazilian market vendors are proud of their produce and constantly offer you a slice to prove theirs is the sweetest.

The heritage of Brazilian culinary traditions can be traced back to ingredients and cooking methods used by the natives, African slaves, and European immigrants, all fused into a vibrant array of flavours and aromas. After the market, diazepam for sale without prescription your host will take you to their charming home to give you a hands-on introduction to Brazil’s rich cuisine, while preparing dishes with fresh produce, herbs, and spices typical of Brazil. Learn how to cook Brazilian recipes in a very joyful way and taste a delicious homemade meal.

You will also learn how to prepare the famous Brazilian caipirinha, the original version is with lime, and the more exotic version combines different fruits and herbs.

Cooking tours can be taken in Rio de Janeiro or Sao Paulo. If you would like more information on these tours please contact Anna Nagy at BE Brazil annanagy@bebrazildmc.com.br

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