A cultural immersion experience with the Brazilian Ribeirinho community

This day trip starts by departing Manaus by boat up the Rio Negro to arrive at Nova Esperança or Terra Preta. On arrival you will meet with the local leaders who guide you through the village, talking about their way of life, where they came from and the history of the people. You will visit the school to meet some students, the local church, and the small health center, to understand what life is like in the Amazon. 

BE Brazil has partnered with Amazon Ecosight in the Amazon,  to help develop several projects in Manaus, such as donation and installation of water filters, educational lectures, sports and competitions with children and young people, distribution of toothbrushes, toothpaste and fluoride application, clothes and shoes, especially for children. They also donate lines and sewing material for the mother’s club, reading glasses and basic medicines like aspirin, vitamins, first aid kit to help where required.

During the trip back to Manaus you can enjoy the beautiful landscapes of the area and visit one of the small Indian tribes of Tatuyo or Satere Maué, where you learn about their history, way of life, rich culture and rituals.

Please contact Anna Nagy at BE Brazil today for more information- annanagy@bebrazildmc.com.br