Mexico is a fascinating country. Famous for its fantastic beaches it is also rich with diverse landscapes, pre-Colombian archaeological sites, colonial towns and lively traditions. Stretching from the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea to the Pacific, the interior takes travellers across cactus-strewn deserts and through lush rain forests, to canyons, plateaus, mountains and snow-capped volcanoes – While crystal clear waters off the coasts offer great diving, snorkelling and whale-watching opportunities.

For those interested in history Mexico has over 11,000 archaeological sites, including ruins from Maya, Aztec, Olmec and Toltec cultures; and fascinating museums to discover. Beautiful bustling towns from the colonial era offer lively markets, shady plazas to relax in, and magnificent churches and mansions to explore. Fascinating food, art and music, all important elements of both historic and the more contemporary Mexican culture, can also be enjoyed throughout the country. Mexico’s friendly and hospitable population also reflects the history of the country, and includes communities of direct descendants of pre-Colombian cultures.

Mexico truly has something to offer everyone and is waiting to be explored!

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