Claude Dumontet

A Frenchman born in Germany, Claude travelled and lived in several countries in Europe as a young boy before finally returning to France, where he completed his studies in International Trade and was awarded a Masters in Tourism.

He had his first professional experience of the travel business in Berlin in the ’80s – as the Wall came down – whilst working for a German tour operator.  He then spent a year as a ‘poor’ backpacker in South America, travelling and discovering the whole continent from the Colombian / Caribbean coast to Tierra del Fuego; following the Andes all the way to Chile….

It was love at first sight and he hasn’t looked back since!

After representing several South American air and cruise companies in Paris, Claude chose to permanently settled down in Chile in 1997 when he joined the Andina Del Sud group.

He still loves to ‘disappear’ to some remote corners of Chile, exploring new spots and finding new experiences (often gastronomical…) to share with customers.

He is still trying to work out what his favourite place in Chile is… it might take a while!

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